• Sodapoppin Rug

    Made this rug for popular Twitch Streamer, Sodapoppin. Currently sitting on his stream room floor! Can be seen on stream at twitch.tv/sodapoppin

  • Mario Themed

    Mario themed rug based on a design created artist Rob known as @Ggaahhhhh on Twitter. Give him a follow!

  • Tattoo Inspired

    Inpsired by my personal tattoo. Tattoo Artist is TatsbyDax. Follow her on Instagram @tatsbydax. Amazing artist!

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  • Painting Inspired

    This rug is a replication in yarn of a painting someone made for me years ago based on a poem titled "The Green Lady"

  • Stained Glass Style

    Really enjoy this style. Made to look like a stained glass window. This rug is 5'x'5 for size reference. Largest one we've ever made!

  • NmpLoL Rug

    Made this rug for Twitch Streamers NmpLol and Malenatudi for their P.O. Box opening streams! They opened on stream in front of 30,000 viewers!! Check them out at twitch.tv/nmplol

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